Del perche' l'America, nonostante tutto, e' un grande Paese.

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Norman Bernard Krim was born in Manhattan on June 3, 1913, one of four children of Abraham and Ida Krim. [...] By the age of 12, he was tinkering with the refrigerator motor in his home. [...] After graduating from George Washington High School at 16, he was accepted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [...] Raytheon hired Mr. Krim after his graduation in 1934, at 50 cents an hour. [...] Mr. Krim did not invent the transistor but he saw the device’s potential and persuaded his company to begin manufacturing it on a mass scale, particularly for use in miniaturized hearing aids that he had designed. [...] By the time he left the company in 1961, he was vice president of the semiconductor divisions. [...] After leaving Raytheon, Mr. Krim bought two electronics stores in Boston called RadioShack. By the time he sold the business to the Tandy Corporation two years later, it had seven stores; today the chain has about 7,300. [...]. Mr. Krim  died on Dec. 14 in a retirement home in Newton, Mass. He was 98.