Grazie alle sempre puntuali Poste Italiane, leggo oggi questo articolo vecchio di una settimana.

Another “do less, not more” gift you can give, especially to officemates, is the gift of a jargon-free holiday. People are stressed out enough toward the end of the year; why not give them a break from trying to figure out what you actually mean? Replace “actionable” with “things we need to do,” and “offline” (as in “let’s take this offline”) with “let’s discuss after the meeting.” Perhaps you could talk about levels of detail, instead of “granularity,” or ask someone to make sure to get the right information to the right person, instead of “closing the loop.” And unless you are on an actual mission (preferably for NASA), perhaps you could describe something as “really important,” instead of “mission-critical”? If you’re taking some time off around the holidays, you might as well say that, instead of having your away message say that you’re “out of pocket.” Who knows? With a break from business jargon, everyone will come back for the new year refreshed and ready to work hard, if not “to give 110%.”