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Lo sapete, vero, che l'Apple Watch sarà un flop? Ovviamente, nessun prodotto Apple è un flop, per definizione, perché "Current estimates say Apple is building 5 million or so Apple Watches for launch. Every news station in America will rush to capture the lines forming around the block at the Apple Store. We live in the Apple era. By real demand or smart PR, the first run will surely sell out."

Viaggio in un universo parallelo: Shenzhen. "The market was several large city blocks full of 5-10 story buildings with stalls packed into each floor. Each building had a theme or themes ranging from LEDs to cellphone hacking and repair. I realize it's cliché to say this, but it REALLY felt like blade runner".

Il profilattico per USB. In effetti, l'idea di usare postazioni di carica USB per rubare dati personali è proprio interessante!

Cifrare tutto TCP. Ai posteri la sentenza se si tratti di follia o no. Un barlume di sensatezza appare nel fatto che "Tcpcrypt abstracts away authentication, allowing any mechanism to be used". Aver accoppiato autenticazione e cifratura ha finora causato danni immani, e sono felice che ci sia qualcuno che ha intenzione di separare le due cose.

Le promesse non mantenute del web (e, aggiungerei io, dello sviluppo software). Ci avevano raccontato una storia a base di interoperabilità e multipiattaforma, e invece... "If there’s something that you need on your mobile device your first step usually is to look for an app, not use your browser. But native app development remains a pain in the butt, with the requirement to have to support 2 or 3 completely separate platforms." E un parere che condivido in pieno: "So now we’re finding ourselves back in an era of installed app, rather than Web based and managed apps. Only it’s even worse today than with Desktop applications, in that the apps are going through a gatekeeper that charges a toll and censors what you can and can’t do in your apps. Frankly it’s a mystery to me why anybody would buy into this model and why it’s lasted this long when we’ve already been through this process. It’s crazy…"